About the maker

Hi! I’m Emma. I’m the main creator behind Earth & Elm. Here’s a photo of me!

I rarely have photos of just myself anymore as a sneaky baby is always stealing the show. She is the main reason behind my small business journey.

Pre-baby I was devoted to my photography ( @patchworksphoto ) I spent as much time hiking, exploring and creating with my camera as I could. As pregnancy dwindled on through a lockdown pandemic my camera took a backseat to what was to come.

After Isla was born I struggled to find balance. I expected to be 100% immersed in everything baby, but I needed an outlet.... one that had nothing to do with tiny humans and didn’t involve me leaving my home.

After years of yearning to electroform and having the push I needed from my loving husband. I purchased all of the tools I needed to form copper onto crystals. The process of creating in my downtime (baby nap time) helped me get out of my head and focused. Almost the same as meditation.

I quickly started to expand and grow. Creating new products and expanding was full of excitement. I branched from copper electroformed pendants to dangle earring, studs, bookmarks, custom cab bookmarks, crystals, silver & gold necklaces ..... and now finally rings, minimalist necklaces and crystals. (WHEW)

As much as I enjoyed creating new and fun products. I started to see how much time was being spent researching, finding suppliers etc.
I then knew I needed to focus on my current products and take a break from trying new things. I honed in my products and now concentrate on only jewelry & crystals exclusively.

Fast forward to today. I spend my days with a now 2 year old toddler who is constantly changing and growing. When I’m not working in my home office, you will find me outside.
Either on my acreage or hiking somewhere in Alberta’s backcountry with a camera AND baby attached to me now 😉

If you have made it this far. Thank you for reading ❤️